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Email configuration, setup up on receiving email and outgoing email using smtp port 26

Login to your cPanel, you'll see the below image



Choose Email Accounts (look for the read square)



email setting instruction

choose More



 configure email client

choose Configure Email Client


email instruction setting up


In your manual Settings, you need to replcae the to your own domain name for example, or your In the above example weassume is your server. For your email client setting just choose: -


Mail Server Username:

Incoming Mail Server:

Outgoing Mail Server: (server requires authentication) port 26



Example using Outlook express

outlook express setting up email

click Add


add email account

click Mail


display name

Type your name on the Display name


put email address

Put your E-mail address


mailbox address and smtp

Fill up your upcoming email and outgoing email as written in your cpanel, please refer to the pic.4 above


user account

put the account name


click finish

click Finish




after finish, you'll see the above configuration, click the account and click Properties



general setting

You'll see the standard configuration as above



advance setting

Choose Advance tab



port 26

update the Outgoing mail SMTP to 26, then choose apply




Then, click the Servers tab, onOutgong Mail Server tick My server requires authentication, then click Settings button



outgoing email setting

Choose Log on using

authentication outgoing

Fill up the account name and the password. Tick remember password. Then click ok.

Tha's all the onfiguration on set up your email account on the Outlook Express email client. You can choose to configure on any client by following the pic.4 setting as above ( the 4th diagram)

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